Planning a wedding is never easy but planning for one in 6 months is more daunting and harder. Sometimes however with all the timing restrictions and other commitments, couples would have no choice but to plan their wedding in a short time frame. This requires meticulous planning but with the correct steps taken, a beautiful and successful wedding can be planned in a short period of time. Here are a few steps to adhere to in the planning process:

Early planning

Preparation of the task ahead will require you to get in to the right focus and frame of mind starting from the very beginning. Having an open mind and flexibility will help you progress in the planning of your wedding with less stress and frustration. Sometimes you will have to be willing to compromise and these can be handled well only if you are open minded. Starting from the finances to the more fun things like picking wedding flowers in Dubai for the decoration. So make sure to be prepared to take all that comes your way with a sense of humour and grain of salt as this will make the planning of your dream wedding far more memorable and fun.

Decide on the budget

By far the most crucial aspect to any wedding plan are your budget and finances. It is vital to understand that a wedding due in a short period will require money that would not be spread out over a longer time frame. Hence, the funds you spend for your wedding must be carefully allocated so that you still can enjoy life and pay your bills in the forthcoming months. After deciding on the budget, it is crucial to stick by it until the very end of the wedding. If cutting down on some luxury expenses can be done, it is best to talk this through with your partner at the very beginning to avoid sudden disappointments. An example would be cutting down on extravagant wedding flowers decoration and keeping it simple yet elegant.

Guest list and theme

Determining the number of people attending the wedding will greatly help you on getting the basic scale of the wedding and the budget required. So make sure that this is one of the first things you consider in the initial planning process. Consequently, the location of the wedding can be discussed, whether it will be an indoor or an outdoor wedding and so on. This will then give you an idea of the type of decoration and theme you would want your wedding to be. Is it going to be a very formal event? Or would you like a simpler and creative style so that everyone can have fun? These are some of the key areas you can look in to when planning a wedding.