Doing projects with your kids is always fun. Regardless to their age, when you do projects together with them (especially craft projects), there’s a special kind of bonding. Though they might be a little reluctant to allow you with helping them as they grow older, it all depends on the kind of project you decide to do together.

DIY projects using waste recycling is not only a fun and educational thing to do, it’s also a good way to get your children aware about saving the environment and our natural resources. We know, as busy parents you hardly have a lot of time to do such projects. But even if you do one project each month, it will still be beneficial.

Here are a few examples on the kind of projects you can do with your children.

A call for the green thumbs

If you like gardening and if you have a garden, then it’s not going to be hard to lure your children into gardening. Even if they don’t like the gardening itself too much, they might enjoy making pots by waste recycling. Plastic bottles (water bottles, fizzy drink bottles) make cute little pots. Even old cleaned out light bulbs can make cute mini hanging plant holders. Apart from this, you can show them how to compost your throw away foods and convert it into “plant food”. Trust us, when they see how well the plants thrive with a little attention, they’ll become interested in planting too.

For the little home decorator

Does your little one show an interest in home decorating projects? If he/she does, then you can show him/her that even everyday things; like washed out mason jars, old Christmas lights, old worn out cycle tires and even your old jeans can all be converted into home decorating projects. Mason jars especially are our personal favorite, as they are quite versatile. They do rather well as table top decorations, and with a little color, they make such charming light “shades” or chandeliers too. Comb the internet for such projects and select a few that suit your child’s age group and capability.

The birth of a jewelry maker

If your little one has an interest in wearing jewelry, then it’s quite possible that he/she will enjoy making their own, handmade, personalized jewelry. Old newspapers and wrapping papers make wonderful material for paper jewelry. If you “dye” the newspaper (or even used A4 sheets) in colors (our personal favorite is using left over black tea), it makes pretty “beads”. Paper bead jewelry is generally light in weight, and so it won’t be hard for your child to wear them either–and they can be made into anything from bracelets, to earring and even pendants and chokers.