There are basic rules to follow for everything, including interior decorating. If you are looking to decorate a commercial space like an office, there are some rules you should follow that differ significantly from interior decorating for homes. Home decoration is intended to make houses look bright and lively, while offices should have an business-like aura. So, read ahead for the basic tips for decorating an office:
1. Choose Heavy Curtains
Don’t choose soft and light curtains for your office. Choose heavy ones that can block the view or let in plenty of light as you desire. Heavy curtains can lend an office a very formal and straight to business aura that you should aim for when decorating any kind of office space.
2. Go for White, Cream or Wooden Flooring
Make sure that the carpet Dubai in your office is not too dark. Dark flooring can make offices look dull and drab. Therefore, choose light tones flooring, or go with stylish and easy to clean wooden flooring. Whatever material you choose, make sure it’s durable, as many people would walk on it.
3. Pick Minimalist Furniture
Don’t go overboard when it comes to choosing furniture for your office. Choose practicality over style. Minimalist and monotone furniture works fine for offices, unlike for homes. You should not have any trouble buying minimalist office furniture in bulk.
4. Buy Professional Artwork
Feature some quality artwork around your office to make space look elegant, sophisticated and attractive. Choose professionally painted pieces, and leave your kids’ school paintings to your fridge at home. For offices, landscape paintings, rather than portraits, are better.
5. White Wall Paint Only
Choose white, or similarly bland but very light coloured paint for your office walls. Anything else will look either gaudy or awfully drab. Light coloured paint also makes office spaces look livelier and complement any decorations you might have.
6. Blend in Dark Tones
Except for the walls and the carpet, feel free to introduce dark tones to your office space. Blending here is better than choosing a single curtain design tone for furniture or ornaments. Mix up light shades with dark ones to be eye catching. However, all the tones you choose should be muted, and not too bright.
7. Decorate with Flower Vases
To liven up your office overall, you will need natural ornaments here and there. There’s nothing cheaper or lovelier than flower vases to add style and beauty to your office space. The above are just the basics of decorating. Once you have mastered them, you can go for luxury-level elegance and style if your budget allows so.